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Getting Started with Windows XP
  1. Click on the Start button and then click the Control Panel menu item.
  2. Double click the Network Connections or Dial-up Connections icon.
  3. On the Tasks Menu on the left hand side click Create New Connection, the New Connection Wizard will begin.
  4. Click the Next button at the bottom of the "Welcome to the New Connection Wizard Screen"
  5. On this page make sure the Connect to the Internet option is selected (or has a dot beside it) and then click the Next button at the bottom.
  6. On this page select (put a dot beside) Set up my Connection Manually, and click the Next button.
  7. On this page, make sure "Connect Using a dial-up modem" is selected and then click Next.
  8. On this page type Fry's ISP in the field under ISP Name, then click Next.
  9. On this page enter the dial up number for the city that is local for you to dial from the top of this paper and then click Next. (Optional:To disable call waiting while online type *70,, in front of the dial up number)
  10. On this page enter the username that you signed up with on the Username field as Enter your password on the Password field, then click Next.
  11. On this page click the Finish button, the Connect to Fry's ISP window should pop up, click the Dial button and wait, once you are online or connected click on your Start button and then click Control Panel.
  12. Double click on the Internet Options icon, on the General tab at the top of this window under the section that says Home Page on the field next to Address type and then click OK at the bottom.
  13. Click on your Start button and click Turn Off Computer, then click Restart Computer. Once your computer has restarted, click the Internet Explorer icon (the blue "e" looking one) next to the Start button.
  14. The Connect to Frys window should appear, click the Dial button once again and once you are online/connected you are ready to go!